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Resin Figure Repair help

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So, one of our cats was bored in the middle of the night, got up on to one of the shelves where SWMBO kept some resin figures, and decided it "needed to be on the floor."  Any suggestions on fixing her?

The victim:

Difficult. Are there small resin chips, too, or have the fractures been "clean"? If so, you might try to use simple (and not too much) super glue to fix the damage - since these do not seem to be heavy parts, no reinforcements should be needed. However, in order to stabilize things, you might drill holes into both sides of the damaged parts and add wire connectors, also fixed with super glue, just in case (Cats, you know...). From what I see, no paint repairs should be necessary, too.

We didn't see any chips, so I'm hoping it'll go back together cleanly.  Thanks Dizzy

I'd agree with Dizzy's suggestion, that's exactly what I did with a resin figure (a flower fairy) belonging to the woman next door.  Hers was a casualty of her cat too.     I can also suggest several creative things to do with wire and superglue if the cat continues with its misbehaviour.

And there's always Gorilla Glue --- had to fix the missus' ceramic tortoise from Mexico after I had stomped on it while falling off a stepladder ---


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