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In order of entry to the finished builds thread here are the Cold War GB entrants for your voting pleasures.

Nighthunter's English Electric Thunderbolt.,44991.0.html

Dizzyfugu's Lockheed F-94B Starfire.,44953.0.html

Dizzyfigu's (inspired by Nighthunter) English Electric Thunderbolt F2.,45014.0.html

Rickshaw's Dassault Mirage IVO.,45077.0.html

Dizzyfugu's Gudkov Gu-1.,45056.0.html

Aeroplane Driver's Hawker F-99C Hunter.,45069.0.html

Rickshaw's Fairey Gannet AEW 31.,45127.0.html

Dizzyfugu's Red Arrows Hawker Siddeley Harrier.,45128.0.html

Dizzyfugu's MiG 19 bis.,45142.0.html

The Rat's English Electric Canberra B2.,45109.0.html

Aeroplane Driver's Grumman F6F-5.,45158.0.html

Bungle's Breguet BR.1070 Seche.,45122.0.html

Dizzyfugu's Grumman G-79B/F9F-1 "JetCat".,45173.msg808363.html#msg808363

Leading Observer's (inspired by Nighthunter) English Electric Thunderbolt Mk.51.,45174.msg807455.html#msg807455

Sandiego89's B52 FICON.,45040.msg803693.html#msg803693

sideshowbob9's Cold War MiGs.,45254.0.html

Rheged's tale "The Gloster Javelin  FAW21. The Triton".
The F(AW)21 Gloster Javelin Triton was  almost totally an accidental development. Following the adoption of a dispersal policy for V bombers, the Ministry of Defence began an assessment of the possible dispersal of fighter aircraft. As a point defence interceptor, the English Electric Lightning  then under development was not considered an appropriate subject for this policy but the Gloster Javelin, the early marks of which were already coming into service, was clearly a suitable candidate...,45277.0.html

Rickshaw's CAC CA23.,45287.msg810455.html#new

Ed S's Grumman F14 Tomcat.,44958.0.html

Tophe's Utility Mustangs.,45007.0.html

The Rat's Douglas Skyray.,45083.0.html

TheChronicOne's McDonnell Douglas F-15N Eagle.,45075.60.html


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