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Right here are Cold War 2018 GB rules which are basicaly the same as when we've had Cold War GB's in the past.

The Moderators for this GB will be Weaver and Zenrat, thanks gents  :thumbsup:


1. The GB runs from the 1st March 2018 till midnight of 31st May 2018 . Extensions may well be considered dependent on the bribe amount.

2.  The GB covers the period from 5/3/1946 (Churchill's Iron Curtain speech) until 9/11/89 (the fall of the Berlin Wall)

3. You can choose to depict any real nation or alliance of nations which existed during the real Cold War (including neutral countries that were affected by it but not part of either bloc). Alternatively, you can choose to depict any fictional nation/alliance your imagination can come up with, as long as it falls within the broad theme of a global capitalist vs communist confrontation that lasts from the end of WWII until the early 1990s in which nuclear-armed states seek to compete with each other but avoid direct combat that may lead to nuclear escalation. Your scenario may therefore involve a 'hot war' (i.e. one where actual lethal combat takes place) so long as a) the war is a 'proxy war' of limited scope that fits within the theme of the super-power stand-off, and b) if it involves a nuclear-armed state in direct combat, then it cannot involve an opposing nuclear armed state in direct combat.

By way of example, you can have American forces involved in a shooting war against Soviet proxies (North Vietnam or North Korea (note that China didn't have nukes in 1950)) or Soviet forces involved in a shooting war against NATO proxies (Afghanistan), but you can't have a shooting war in which NATO and WarPac forces are engaged with each other.

4. The GB welcomes models, profiles and stories and anything else your fertile minds can think of.

5. Models already started are allowed as long as major building work has not started before the GB begins. Check with the Moderators.

7. Finished models and profiles to be posted (with picture and link to build thread) in the finished builds thread within the overall GB thread in this Board. Please do not post comments in the finished builds thread.

8.  Have FUN 

9. If you want to comment on a build profile/model, please do that in the model/profile threads and NOT in the completed build/profiles threads, if a comment is made in the completed build threads, they will be moved by the mods.

10. Please remember that our two moderators are on opposite sides of the World so on the occasions when they have to consult with each other before answering your questions, please allow them 18/24 hours or so.

11. There is no rule 6, don't EVER ask about rule 6

EDITED 26feb18 by Weaver to update Rule 3 following Mods' discussions. Don't ask what was changed about Rule.6.


Also, please remember that your UK moderator works odd hours and is therefore unavailable between the following times:

Monday-Thursday : 2pm-12pm
Friday : 1pm-9pm


I sometimes do overtime (this week, for example) which means I don't get home until 2am, Mon-Thurs.

Original post EDITED 26feb18 by Weaver to update Rule 3 following Mods' discussions.

4 1/2 Days left!
In light of Weaver's recent family bereavement please direct any final questions, issues and requests for an extension (accompanied by the appropriate bribe) to me rather than to him.


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