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IPMS Avon show 2021

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IPMS Avon have crossed all their fingers and toes in hope that they will be able to hold their annual show in 2021.

Sunday August 8th 2021
Probably at Thornbury Leisure Centre, BS35 3BJ

I don't know if this one we would attend normally or if we have enough members in the area should we want to. I've put it up here just for info.

Martin H:
It is one of our usual shows. And is normaly well attended.

I can almost SEE it from my house, except there's a ruddy great river in the way so it's a 15 mile drive to get there!

Steel Penguin:
hopefully here  ;)   I will have to see closer to the date... but I will pass this to my younger brother, he is much closer, still living in Bristol

Living in Herefordshire, I might be able to manage this ............assuming I'm not doing anything at Hereford Cathedral that day.  If I do manage, I hope to meet some of you there.


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