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The Secret Horsepower Race


Interesting looking title about WWII aircraft engine development that might inform a few wiffs:

The Secret Horsepower Race - Special edition Merlin: Western Front Fighter Engine Development by Calum Douglas

yep, I read it when it came out, it's an excellent book. It's been discussed a lot over on Secret Projects.
It mostly focuses on the successful engine families, and compares the development strategies used by the Allies vs. the Axis, and the compromises that e.g. the Germans had to make due to shortages of strategic minerals (nickel).

Army of One:
I had it on pre order due to the it and have to admit was disappointed. It is an absolutely fantastic book, don't get me wrong. Very very detailed but not what I was expecting....anyone with an interest in engines and workings of every bit of one will love it. I am more interested in the whole thing ie the planes they were installed in....basically more pics/profiles of own fault and my own opinion. A fabulous reference book on engines.....

Sounds just up my street, that one.  :thumbsup:

Army of One:
Want my copy.....? Wasted on me....


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