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Hobbycraft and Airfix

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I went into my local Hobbycraft this week and they had a sign by the small range of Airfix kits and the near empty Humbrol paint stand stating:

"Due to Stock issues we will no longer be stocking humbrol and airfix."

Reading on Facebook it turns out this is a nationwide issue and may be due to Airfix doing a deal with WH Smith. Hobbycraft are still selling Tamiya, Italeri and Revell kits and paints.

Whatís the WH Smith deal, Nick?


--- Quote from: kitbasher on April 17, 2021, 11:12:27 am ---Whatís the WH Smith deal, Nick?

--- End quote ---

Sole-source retailing through WH Smith's acquisition of Modelzone, probably.  At least that's what I can tell from here (which doesn't have a date, so I'm not sure how current):

--- Quote ---WHSmith has announced that hobby brand Modelzone has launched an exclusive online offer of scale model products, kits and accessories

WHSmith has announced that specialist hobbyist brand Modelzone has launched an exclusive online offer of scale model products, kits and accessories at from today. This new online offer includes a wide range of scale model kits and related products from brands such as Airfix, Hornby and Scalextric.

During lockdown this year, modelling and collecting has seen a significant resurgence with customers searching for more hobbies and activities to enjoy at home. Modelzone, which was acquired by WHSmith in 2013, has returned this Christmas with an online offer catering for all, from beginners to experienced enthusiasts, with products including starter kits, junior lines and exclusive and limited-edition products.

Tim Mulhall, Chief Operations Officer at Hornby Hobbies, commented, "I'm sure many future Collectors will discover their passion based on a first purchase from Modelzone this Christmas."

Modelzone products are now available exclusively online at
--- End quote ---

It is possible that Hobbycraft have not got the wholesale terms they wanted from Airfix/Humbrol (not enough profit for them), and have decided not to stock their products

Thanks Scooter.  Totally forgot about that deal, have seen no evidence of it in the branches Iíve been in (admittedly not that many!) since that announcement.


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