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This is where you can put images you've found, older builds etc.

While Ice Station Zebra was a good film, I feel it could all have been done a bit faster....



Panther "Bretagne" was an abandoned German Panther tank revived by the French freedom fighter division Besnier Autonomous Tank Squadron, whose task was to repair deserted German vehicles in the Allied French zone. Two Panthers were recovered by the division, one being named "Bretagne" and the other either "Auvergne" or "Dauphiné", depending on which source one believes. The tanks were most likely used for training purposes by French troops in 1945. One of the Panthers (unknown which) was restored to running condition in 2017 and appeared at TankFest 2019.
This aircraft flew for a short time with the post war French Air Force. It was captured at Reims by US forces and handed over to the French.
Germans captured M10 "Wolverine" SPG. Italy, 1943.
Bomber captured by Germans and tested by the Regia Aaronautica, during 1943.



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