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Lockheed S3 Viking, No 7 Squadron, Royal Scots Navy, 2020.

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Doug K:
As predicted in my Gannet build for No7 Squadron, Royal Scots Navy, I have finally gotten to the S3 Viking. It's still under construction, a lot still dot do but it should e done for the deadline.

As stated in the Gannet thread, the Royal Scots Navy was responsible for the maritime patrol of short to medium ranges from the Scottish coast, linking up with Royal Airforce Nimrods and Royal Norwegian Airforce Orions as required over longer ranges. The Gannets were coming to the end of their useful lives in the late 1980s (or we well beyond them) when it was decided under a NATO program to refurbish a substantial squadron of Lockheed Vikings to replace them. Originally taken up from US Navy stocks in the Arizona desert, these bore the same US camo as the Gannets, however testing (the mark one eyeball) proved that the light greys of the US Navy were a bit too conspicuous over the North Sea and Atlantic. Hence the decision to emulate the RoNeth Airforce Extra Dark Sea Grey and Sky, re-constituting colours found on the flying boats of the RSN in the immediate aftermath of WW2. With the sudden withdrawal at no notice by the UK of the Nimrod, a further squadron was ordered from the desert and delivered. As with the Gannet, these aircraft operate in flights from dispersed civilian airports on the outer islands and on the mainland coasts. The stop-gap of more Vikings is unsustainable, so an order matching the Norwegians, has been placed for P8 Posidons, which will replace all but a small flight of SAR focussed Vikings.

Alternate story could be that these were ordered after Scotland's independence in 2019.... but that is straying into RW politics ;)

IMG_3535 by doug_alba, on Flickr

IMG_3609 by doug_alba, on Flickr

Great! The Viking deserved a longer life and more operators.

Love some hot S-3 action.

Old Wombat:

--- Quote from: sandiego89 on January 20, 2020, 01:11:40 pm ---Great! The Viking deserved a longer life and more operators.

--- End quote ---

I'm sure the RAN would have, if we'd had a bigger carrier. :thumbsup:

What if the Viking had a service life extension (SLEP) that included a fuselage extension before and after the wing. As this version was operating from land bases a longer fuselage would be doable as compared to the carrier version.
This has nothing to do with reality in any way just me thinking the stumpy look of the real Viking really spoiled a potentially nice looking aircraft. I guess I should try building one!
Your version is going to look very interesting in those colors!


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