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DONE @p.4 +++ PKP Class SU-29; former DB Class V160 under Polish flag

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I shroud this fourth contribution in some mists of mystery, because it is NOT going to be a classic model kit. Yet, it will be a whiffy model that fits well into this GB.  ;)

Due to unexpected procurement problems, this one will be delayed - and I started an alternative build (outside of the GB).

Good news: the supply chain started moving again, work might start soon - even though there won't be WiP pics.

Things started moving here, after the "interim build" has been finished. First measure: deconstruction of the object and a bath in foamed oven cleaner for the next couple of days in order to get rid of the original paint.

A Deutsche Bundesbahn Class V160 under foreign flag...  (Whif/modified Märklin 3075) by dizzyfugu, on Flickr

Rick Lowe:


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