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Welcome to The 2019 Whiffie Awards Show

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The 2019 Whiffie Awards Show

`Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the 2019 Whiffie Awards show. It`s going to be another great awards show to share with you tonight with many of the fine contributors I see seated around the audience in front of me. Of course in rickshaw`s case, only wearing those sporrans means I`m seeing far too much of him from up here!
Also glad to see Paul Hogan attending in Crocodile Dundee costume ........, er...., oops ...., my mistake, how`s it going Mr Wombat?
And please, someone cover zenrat up! Sir, I know it`s the weekend but dress thongs are against Whiffie Award Show dress code.

Right, that`s the riff raff sorted so I`d like to take this opportunity to thank the Mongolian Nose Flute Orchestra for their pitch perfect rendition of AC/DC`s War Machine. Well done chaps, look forward to next year`s show opening number.

So with no further ado,
............. on with the show!

First Award up is for……….,

Best Alternate Jet Scheme Pre 1980

The Contender`s were ……

Zenrat's Yak 28R
Ju-707 from nönöbär
Rickshaw's Mirage IVO
Andrewj's Swift
Zenrat's ARDU Mirage F.1
Aeroplane Driver's RAN Crusader

And the winner is ……..

Andrewj's Swift

Best Jet Kitbash

You contenders were …………

Cammnut's F-16F Agile Falcon
Cammnut's Vigilante B.1
sandiego89's EE Sea Lightning
Jalles's Mig-41 PAK-DP
leptiprince's Aéronavale swing wing Jaguar
Cammnut's Vickers-Armstrong Lightning F.1
leptiprince's F4u-J Jet's Corsair
CammNut's Alternative Gripen
63cpe's  MiG-15 OPLR “Fireside”
63cpe's MiG 25 Foxbat G
63cpe's Su-15MP Mantra
Firefox`s  F-16SN
Dizzy's VF-4A
Dizzyfugu`s Hawker Sea Hawk T20
nönöbär's fab FW 800.
Dizzy's Blackburn Barghest F(AW).3
comrade harps' HAL Vayu FGA.3
Zenrat's Harrier B
Dizzyfugu's Potez CM.194 Magister SS
jalles' F-42B Tempest

And the winner is ……….

jalles' F-42B Tempest,45444.0.html

Best Alternate Jet Scheme Post 1980

The contenders were,

TheChronicOne's Retro F-16
Firefox's RAAF Rafale
Firefox's ARDU Rapahel
Jalles's Avpro Marauder
leptiprince's Aéronavale swing wing Jaguar
Tc2324's RAF Su27
TheChronicOne`s F-15N Sea Eagle
AeroplaneDrivers RNZAF 75th Anniversary A-1B Kārearea (Falcon)
Kit`s General Dynamics Canberra PR9
Tom Z's VAK-191
TomZ 's A-12 Avenger II

And the winner is ………

Jalles's Avpro Marauder,44476.0.html

Best Alternate Prop Scheme – Allied

The Contenders were ………

TheChronicOne's Polet Cargo Airlines H4 Hercules
b29r`s B-25 
Dizzy's F-47 D-30
Doug K's Spitfire F22 No 1 Squadron, Royal Scots Airforce 1953
Zenrat's USAAC Spitfire Mk I
Kitnut 617's Martin Baker Lone Ranger NF1
Doug K's Scottish AF Defiant
VickersVandals Biggles Beaufighter
AeroplaneDriver's F6F-5 Hellcat
Dizzy's Dweotine-Tatra D.520
Devilfish`s Defiant
Comrade Harpo's Fairchild Aviation Crimea Curtiss Hawk 75A-11
Zenrat's Bristol A-27 Intruder
Hotte's USAAC P.44
b29r's Vought F4U-1K
Dizzy's Estonian Siskin

And the winner is ………..

Dizzy's Dweotine-Tatra D.520,


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