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A new nomination gallery for builds completed during 2019.

As always, please supply a description of what and by who, a picture of the build and a link to the thread. (Humour is optional.....) ;D

Ta Muchly.   :thumbsup:

The Academy

Looks like I get to put up the first nomination of 2019!! 

Wacek85's gorgeous Polish Eagle F-104,46117.0.html

Thank you :D

Good choice, it's outstanding.  :thumbsup:

KRAZ WIP 13-01-2019 by Fred Maillardet, on Flickr

May I propose to the Academy our colleague Zenrat's  heavy construction equipment.  A worthy addition to the wheels and tracks category.

(He says he wants to do more work on it. I reckon it's worthy of a nomination as is!


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