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Okay folks, it's time to vote for your favorite models in the Soviet GB.

You have the customary THREE votes each, the poll will run for 10 days, and you may change your vote if you want.

Details of all the builds, and links to the individual build threads, can be found on the Finished Builds thread here:,43329.0.html

It's been a splendid effort and I'd like to congratulate ALL the entrants for providing such a varied and interesting field. It will no doubt be fiendishly difficult for people to pick three winners.

Some stats:

We had 37 entries in total, comprising 29 aircraft, 4 ground vehicles and 4 ships.

Dizzyfugu, to nobody's surprise, had the greatest number of entries with 6 in total. However comrade harps and zenrat each put 4 in, and chrisonord and TheChronicOne managed three apiece.

Okay, get voting! :thumbsup:

That was an incredibly hard choice. Good luck to all, and thanks for the most fun GB I've been in for many years!

Old Wombat:
Extremely difficult choice! :o

There are so many awesome builds in that list that I really wish I could have included ... :banghead: :bow:

Y'all gon' put me in an early grave puttin' me through all this stress trying to pick builds.   ;D ;D ;D ;D

Yeah! This time is even more difficult than usual trying to choose among so many fascinating builds.  :o


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