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I suspect that they would also strive to use names that could not be mistaken for existing ones. Fagot being already in use would rule out Maggot for example.

There are some great names in the Missile lists.  I particularly like Satan, Gremlin and Spanker.

They do feel like a list of 80s super villains or heroes

Avengers Collectivise

I'd like to add "Fastback" to the reservation list.  :angel:

There might be another fighter (piston engine) in the pipeline, but that's not settled yet. The Fastback will have priority.


--- Quote from: JayBee on January 11, 2017, 12:09:37 am ---OK I would like to reserve.......... FIREDRAKE.


--- End quote ---

I used that for my, as yet unbuilt, mix of a 'Mandrake' and a 'Firebar' some years ago, but by the time I finish it we'll all have forgotten this GB anyway.  :banghead:

I don't know for sure if the project I plan to built will succeed, but i'd like to add Mantra to the reservation list....

And Foxbat-G.....



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