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Chris builds yet another Hurricane

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Just spotted the pink nail varnish on the tips, Radish has been influencing you.... :party:


--- Quote from: Mossie on May 03, 2016, 01:09:25 am ---Just spotted the pink nail varnish on the tips, Radish has been influencing you.... :party:

--- End quote ---

Yup, they are yellow now though  ;D

Managed to get the rest of the main painting done after I got back from hospital Tuesday (eye injection) but no progress yesterday as at hospital all day having  some pre procedure consultation. Got a "invasive" examination in early June. Feeling a little ropey today so no progress. Hopefully transfes tomorrow.

Got transfers on her and they all went down well, thank goodness. So varnishing and finishing tomorrow and Sunday a.m.

Now't on telly last night until I got into Henry VI part I which was brilliant  :bow: So I got this finished before it kicked off

3rd Squadron A.V.G. Hurricane Rangoon October 1941.

When the A.V.G.volunteers arrived in Rangoon July 1941 it was discovered that not all of their P.40ís had arrived as one of the ships transporting them had been severely delayed with boiler problems. Therefore some ex R.A.F. Hurricane Mk Iís origionally intended for the R.N.E.I.A.F. were supplied to the A.V.G. for training purposes. When the remaining P.40ís arrived these were kept on by the 3rd Squadron based in Rangoon as spare aircraft as most of the P.40ís had been sent north with the 1st and 2nd Squadrons. Some were actually used in action during Japanese air raids on Rangoon, indeed some actually claimed kills. This then is one of those aircraft. I've always wondered what a sharkís mouth would look like on a Hurricane and now I know. It goes quite well.

Kit is the Airfix one, paints are mainly Xtracolor and the Transfers come from a Sky Decals P.40 sheet. I find these Sky sheets incredible value for money as they supply so many options You donít get many of the major national markings included, you certainly get the more unusual ones, but most people have those anyway.


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