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Finished - Boulton Paul Sea Defiant defiantly built in one week

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Not again !

After my decision to make a il-28 for the last GB and finding Zenrat had a similar idea. I now find that finally coming to a decision on what to do for this GB .... Mossie got there first ! (Well sort of)

Waiting for the camera batteries to charge but trust me I've decided on the Boulton Paul Sea Defiant.

Yes a Defiant (sorry Mossie) with wellies.

Ironically I only made my mind up a few days ago too!  No worries, we'll just have our own 1WDGB. :party:

Looking forward to seeing it, much prettier than a Roc! :wub:

Well I have a Sea Defiant planned as a future build, so that is 3 of us  ;D

Make that four  ;D

Got all the bits just not got around to doing anything with these nice new Defiant's that Airfix have produced in the last year or so.


Thanks guys... nice to know that the Defiant is so popular.

Photos .... nothing else done as today has been manic and I'm knack  tired

So its the new Airfix Defiant

But should it be a mono float or

a twin...?


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