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Nope, not Super Heroes!  I'm building a pair of P.94's, the single seat Defiant.  I'm trying to think of a name, I've got a few ideas but any others are welcome.

Obligatory box(es) shot.  I took the opportunity for 'Nev time', preparation allowing cutting to remove the spine from both aircraft:

This is my alternative history of the P.94:

Mk.I    - P.94 as per drawings (no flat on spine), 8 or 12 .303's, otherwise as per Defiant Mk.I
Mk.Ia  - Cannon armed Mk.I (real world proposal)
Mk.II   - Conversions of Mk.I Defiants, flat to spine as per K8310 to P.94 prototype, 8 or 12 .303's
Mk.IIa - Cannon armed Mk.II
Mk.III  - Merlin XX and other changes as per Defiant Mk.II, cannon armed
Mk.IV   - Sabre engined prototype as per P.96A
Mk.V    - Centaurus engined prototype as per P.96D
Mk.VI   - Merlin 24 as per proposed Defiant TT.II, cannon armed.


For the 1WGB I'm going to build the Mk.I and Mk.II.

Tentative back story is that the Battle of Britain is going a little worse than real-world; a few different decisions, a few more bombs finding their targets.  Churchill orders work to begin on several proposed "Emergency Fighters".  One of those is the Boulton Paul P.94, a single seat development of the Defiant that has already flown.  It promises similar performance to Spitfire and Hurricane and is relatively quick to produce due to the Defiant already being in service.  This is the [insert name here] Mk.I

The screw tightens ever more and the RAF are getting desperate for aircraft.  The Defiant is not living up to expectations, so a further decision is made to convert existing Defiants and those on the production line to single seaters with minimum changes.  Instructions are sent to maintenance depots and work progresses quickly.  This is the [insert name here] Mk.II. 

(The backwards marks reflects what happened with the Target Tugs that won't exist in my version of events, the Defiant Mk.II was in service and conversions were desginated TT Mk.I, the improved TT.II never happened as Defiant Mk.I's were seen as sufficient which became the T.III).

These and other changes help pull Britain through the dark days of the Battle of Britain.  The [insert name here] is developed further throughout the war.

Old Wombat:
Sorry, "Defender"'s been taken. ;D

The Boulton-Paul/Westland NF.2 Defender Mk IV.

Very Cool! how about Calling the P.94 "Protector"? think that would work for a Name? Dan

Dauntless or Lionheart?


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