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Doug K:
In my fevered Imagination, when not playing with V/STOL or seaplanes on ships I was thinking about an alternative Admiralty strategy after the Defence Reviews of the 1960s. The CVA-01 is cancelled, but Eagle and Ark Royal are allowed to soldier on. As always though, only 2 carriers pretty much means one at sea and the other in refit. This worried their Lordships when considering air cover for the LPDs and LPH converted carriers so they decided to compromise; LPH focussed but still CTOL equipped ships.

It was too late for Albion, but Bulwark and Hermes survived the process retain catapult and wires, however the problem then was deciding what fixed wing aircraft could fit into a hangar already crowded with Helicopters? Initially Wessex then Sea Kings? Buccaneers were too large, Scimitars were gone, and Hunters weren't suitable. So where to turn?

Eric "Winkle" Brown had helped ensure the adoption of the F4 Phantom by the Royal Navy (to the detriment of the VSTOL Hawker P1154) so he went back to the same source and recommended a 2-seat version of the famous A4 Skyhawk. Small enough to coexist with the Helos, 2 seater, as was always the RN preference, able to operate independently and with a significant war-load. Perfect.

This is the background to my alternative Falklands Campaign. The dates are the same as the real world, however the taskforce Carriers are Ark Royal (Eagle in refit), Bulwark & Hermes. The rest of the naval contingent remains the same.

Of course in this occasion CAPs are flown by Phantoms, and the strike on the Stanley Airfield is completely successful when undertaken much closer to the target by the Ark's Buccs. With strategic attacks on the 25 de Mayo by the Buccaneers using Sea Eagles, support of ground forces came primarily from the assault carriers' organic air-groups of Skyhawk GR2s (A4K). There was no room to take RAF Harriers in this scenario.

The images show an 899 Squadron Skyhawk with 2 of the newly acquired LGBs ready for a sortie over Goose Green.
The Overal ESDG is the same as the Buccaneers and retained the tactical roundels (no need for painting out to the odd proportions seen in real life), squadron insignia removed of course.

I've always liked the Skyhawk and wondered what it would look like in overall ESDG! A few other wee Anglicisations and thrown together from the old Italieri Kit

Old Wombat:
Um, what images? :blink:

Doug, no images here either, you may have not linked your images to your image hosting site properly.  Sounds promising!


Doug K:

--- Quote from: Old Wombat on March 27, 2016, 08:31:13 am ---Um, what images? :blink:

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Darn it, I can see them on the Mac but not my own iPad, will try again

Doug K:
OK, no idea what is going wrong with the images, the link here should work.... should!

I'll need to figure out why the images aren't showing in the original...


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