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This is the place for any general chit chat re the GB. Any questions on the rules should be asked/commented on in that thread


Might as well use this for any 'inspirational' posts too.

In that vein, since I shan't be competing, here's a loose background idea that I probably would have been using if I was. If anybody feels inspired by this, please feel free to use it or adapt it to your hearts content.

Towards the end of WWII, the Germans stage a last-minute rally based on high-tech (i.e. Luft'46-ish) weaponry. This results in the war dragging on into early 1946, and knocks the Russians back very badly. The western allies, who have more of their own high-tech stuff ready to go, are less badly affected, but the war essentially stalemates with the front lines approximately on the German borders until the Americans atom-bomb Berlin, thus bringing matters to a swift conclusion.

The result is that Soviet influence is considerably reduced, and a different post-war settlement is thrashed out in which a line of states separating East and West are designated 'treaty-neutrals' as a buffer between the two sides. These countries have a status similar to real-world Austria in that they are forbidden from entering political alliances (even with each other) and the quantity and nature of military hardware they can have is strictly limited to what's considered 'defensive'. They can import arms, but it must be on a strictly commercial basis, i.e. not as 'aid' or part of some political quid-pro-quo. All of this is monitored by an international commission. Many of them, particularly the ones with a pre-war industry or significant capability 'inherited' from the Germans choose to develop their own arms industries, partly to guarantee their independence and partly as a post-war jobs/industry/exports effort.

One possible list of Treaty Neutrals:

East Germany

Alternative list of Treaty Neutrals:

East Germany
Czech Republic (i.e. Czechoslovakia partitioned)
Serbia (i.e. Yugoslavia partitioned)

Suggested rules for Treaty Neutrals:

No aircraft with more than two engines.

No aircraft with an internal bomb bay.

No guided or unguided rockets/missiles weighing over 250kg.

No AFV with a gun over 50mm calibre that has more than 90deg of rotation (so 'defensive' tank destroyers and armoured cars/light tanks are okay, but not MBTs).

No tube artillery over 155mm.

No atomic weapons, bio weapons or chemical weapons.

I intend to build a short series of Czech aircraft from this background (one of these year), on the basis that they inherited substantial Messerschmitt tooling from the Germans. Possibilities include:

Me 262/Avia S-99 (real world, just to confuse matters... :wacko:).
Developed Me 262 with greater wing sweep (from 1/100th Vautour).
P.1099 (fat multi-place 262) as a night fighter.
P.1111 as an advanced fighter.

I have a bunch of projects on the long idea list that qualifies for this GB - a good reason to start them... First one will be an aircraft from the final Cold War stages, a model of the MiG-33 (or better Izdeliye 33, never went beyond that and some air tunnel models), the "F-16 that was not".

Probably an also-ran colossal cliche but I rather like the idea of F-14s in RAF service, brought online from 1975 to replace Lightnings being phased out. Phoenix armed primarily as long-range bomber-killers with Tornado F3s as fighters. Be fun to see both next to each other in RAF greys.


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