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The Napier-Gloster Typhoo Racer

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Glenn Gilbertson:
The Napier-Gloster Typhoo Racer
At the end of World War Two Napiers were keen to remain in the aero-engine business, but were aware that their Sabre had a reputation for unreliability and variable build quality. It was decided to build a demonstration aircraft, constructed and maintained to the highest standards. Glosters were still building the last of the Hawker Typhoons - these unwanted airframes were being scrapped on the other side of the airfield, so were obtainable for very little money. After a prolonged Board luncheon Napiers wrote to the Ty-phoo tea company to see if they would be interested in sponsoring the Typhoon derivative - and were surprised when the offer was taken up. Thus was born the Napier-Gloster Typhoo racer.
Napier wished to show how compact the Sabre was for the power; the normal Typhoon radiator disguised this, so the radiators were moved to the wings in a similar way to the Tempest I. A three-bladed prop was lighter than a four-blader, and proved just as efficient when in the air.Alas, the cooling proved marginal, so the machine was not the race-winner that had been hoped.
The model came from an old Airfix Typhoon lurking in the stache. The grey plastic proved ideal for carving, and Milliput rebuilt the nose. The kit canopy is undersized, but was reshaped to represent a curved-windscreened racing canopy. Plastic strip provided aileron trim tabs, Kristal-Klear the landidg lights and Napier and Ty-phoo copiued from the internet.

Perhaps Napiers went on to convert the Tempest I to a two-seat corporate aircraft? A project for another day!

Oh yes, that's the business!  :thumbsup:

And so darned logical too!  ;D

Nice job.  I'm racking my brain for an aircraft related Tetley or PG-Tips pun but I can't come up with one.

Sweet - love the color!  :wub:

That does work so well....the wing radiators and colour are really nice. Typhoo ;D.


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