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A PR Comet

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Very pretty, Chris.  And Camotint too!

And it's your first Comet?  Blimey - I must have built at least three over the years, including the BEA Comet earlier this year.  Another three in the stash - two for whiffery and one real world.  I do wish Airfix would bring out a new Comet - the SBS kit ( looks beautiful but at 30...?).

Captain Canada:
Uh, it`s resin. But I do agree that seeing a new one from Airfix would be a treat ! Whif in a box.


Lovely build Chris, I tolds ya Camotint!

Mystic Kitbasher predicts G-ACSS re-entering military service to photograph the German invasion barges 😉

Glenn Gilbertson:
Beautiful looker - well built as well! :thumbsup:


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