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I know you did  ;D Any suggestions as to what "off the shelf" paint I should use ? I hate these paint mix charts where they go 2 parts x + 17 parts y + 33 parts z  :banghead: and yes I am talking about you Revell

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The Humbrol Colour book is just as bad ---

how about Xtracolor/Xtracrylix Sky ? nice colour for sneaking about early morning/evening
I've done a Spitfire FR.21 in that, looks very fetching :thumbsup:
even if I say so my self ;D,38008.15.html


Humbrol do a pale looking Sky too.

I have no idea what the code no. is as my tin lid has been handily painted red. [It's a long story......]


--- Quote from: NARSES2 on June 25, 2015, 06:32:29 am ---I never realised just how old this kit is.
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You are a real sucker for punishment. Of all the Airfix tools that need to be scrapped and melted down into new-tool moulds, it's this one. Good luck!

Right I've been reading up about Camotint and from what I've read it was Sky but with a different surface finish. Or maybe to be accurate we should say Sky was Camotint with a different surface finish as Sky came afterwards  ;D

So I'm going with Xtracrylic Sky with a satin varnish until Kitbasher sets his minions on me  ;D


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