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Captain Canada:
I'm in !

As stated previously, I wasn't willing to chop up that Promodel B-17, looks to nice. And the other one I thought I had was partially built by the boy and then the vertical tail was donated to my Super Stirling.

So I dug this out. I had always wanted to do it as an inter-war gun car, so that's the plan ! Not really sure how in depth it will be, going to look on t'web and see what ideas I can come up wit.

Ooh good.  Not many people going Civ to Mil.


--- Quote from: Captain Canada on June 08, 2015, 03:34:23 pm ---I'm in !

--- End quote ---

'Bout time! ;)

Good to see a car, lovely little thing too. :wub:

Fantastic, a pre-war "Technical".  :thumbsup:

Captain Canada:
Thanks guys !

I've made my first mistake already....I wanted to raise the suspension a wee bit but I was mindlessly follow the instructions while watching the game last eve. Oh well, maybe I can do somat. I have most of the majot bits together, cut a few bits from the back end of the car body to add my own parts. I'' snap a few pics tonite.

I've decided to scratch a twin Vickers for the main gun with a Lewis for the driver.



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