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Well here we go, the obligatory kit box photo of my first entry.


Captain Canada:
Oooh it's out already ?! Looking forward to seeing this build. Lots of pics pls. Come on Mr. Airfix, get your CDN stuff* together !

*Forum Friendly S word

Interested to see where you go with it Jim. :thumbsup:


--- Quote from: Captain Canada on June 02, 2015, 03:47:27 am ---Oooh it's out already ?!
--- End quote ---

Eh? It's been out for YEARS! That's yet another re-pop.

--- Quote from: Mossie on June 02, 2015, 04:02:01 am ---Interested to where you go with it Jim. :thumbsup:

--- End quote ---

The clue maybe in the title. Like an early day 'Rivet Joint' perhaps?

Kit, you are just tooooo close.
Get your head around this:

Boeing 707 R1 "Privet Hedge".

All will be revealed in the back story.

Now to the model.
It is indeed a re-pop of the old Airfix kit which I never built before.

Age has not been kind to it as there is a lot of flash, and the general fit of parts is not so good.

The fuselage halves have only a couple of locating pins left, so I have glued strips of plasticard in place to help it locate properly.
Also the bulkhead for the back of the cockpit area has had to be seriously reduced in size to allow the two fuselage halves to join together.

Fit of the top and bottom sections of the wings is also poor, and a lot of trimming was needed in this area.
Then there is the problem of the locating tabs on the wings being at least 1mm too thick to fit into the slots in the fuselage.

Hey Ho, here we go!.


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