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Right as promised the subject is now open for debate, comment, criticism etc.

So let me know how you feel about the possibility of this for a 2014 Group Build ? We can then firm the whole thing up before the end of December, hopefully !


Personally, I do not find it much appealing - but that's me, maybe a better outline would not be bad?

Africa would also be an option, IMHO?

Ah, overlooked the parallel post with more details!  :rolleyes:

Anyway, still not totally sold on it, as it either confines builds to the 191X era, or needs MANY parallel timelines to be developed/explained. I find it complicated.  :-\

I'd suggest a much looser build, with simply WWI as the guide, similar to the previous Australia and Asiarama builds.  Do what you want around that, with the proviso that there's a measure of respect to it.

Captain Canada:
I'd be into a WWI build....give me an excuse to buy a certain Airfix bomber or two.....



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