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[-] Weapon Systems. Real and Imagined.

[-] TSR.2 - Prototypes, also ran's and operational service.


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[1] Strv-103 ''S'' Tank

[2] F-16 Dérivatives

[3] Hawkeye & Thunderchief, yellow : hybrid aircraft/animals e.a.

[4] Pershing and Patton Family of MBT (M26, M46, M47, M48, M60, and M103)

[5] T-62

[6] Kubelwagen, Schwimmwagen other Volkswagen and similar

[7] Whif in a box

[8] A-10 Thunderbolt II

[9] KV (Kliment Voroshilov) and IS (Iosif Stalin) series of heavy soviet tanks


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