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Jordan has a very similar flag, so a similar style maybe?  Large blue outer circle, thin white middle circle with a large black inner dot?  Add in the triangle with the star at whichever orientation you like.

Alternatively being a Peolpes Republic, you could have use a red cirle with yellow inner star, red traingle with yellow star, or a red outer star with yellow inner.

To accompany my brief history of the Peoples Republic of Victoria (see alternate history thread) I have designed a flag and Air Force insignia.

My thinking with the transitions is post 1920 the somewhat ornate designs that had been painted on the side of the VANZAC dirigibles at Gallipoli were simplified to roundels.  Upon the PDRVs entry into WW2 (via the 2nd Russo-Japanese war) in 1939 the red was dropped to prevent confusion with the Japanese opposition aircraft.  After WW2 the pre war version was simplified again with the red reinstated.  The star was removed at the outbreak of the Korean war to prevent any possible chance of confusion with US aircraft.
The national flag is based on the Eureka flag with the hammer and sickle to honour the working men (and women, thank you Reg) of Victoria.

Peoples Democratic Republic of Victoria Republican Guard Insignia.

The motto is a (poor) latinification of the Victorian number plate slogan - The place to be.

The Kurdistan Roundel-

Tsingtao Republic Flags and Arms can be found here

All fixed

I've discovered a new hobby for myself! I like making roundels and fin flash. I had no idea I'd have so much fun tinkering around in MSpaint until I started brainstorming for my Vatican stuff so I decided to make it "a thing" and make some more. Today I'm going to try some new variations on the Vatican stuff but next up I'd like to play around with Republic of Molossia decorations for an upcoming build for that.

Anyhow, this is the stuff I've cobbled together so far. 

I'll be back later with some more.  :laugh:


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