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I have made this flag last night for a(another) fictional country.
The roundel for this flag is just a simple red diamond.

Bryan H.:
Found this the other day & thought it might be of interest.

Royal Libyan AF roundel.

This might be the on the tail.

 :cheers: Bryan

Thanks for sharing Bryan.  It's interesting to see the progression from one national symbol to another for a given country.  It does bring up the question why at times though.



I have a couple of Imagi-nations in my wargames setting in Africa of the 70s - 90s

First Morvalonga - a former British colony that after a short rising made a democratic transition to independence.

The first Roundel was based on the RAF one with the nation's main resource (gold) as the central colour

The Second roundel was adopted when Bishop Moses Besqit was elected President for Life, Saviour of the Nation etc etc.  It was based on the Bishops own flag

The roundel substituted the Clerical purple for the blue.

The main enemy lies to the south the Islamic kingdom of Qaza'ar
The first Roundel adopted in 1928

The second roundel following the Islamic fundamentalist revolution of 1954

The current marking has dispensed with the circle to distinguish it from that of Morvalonga

To the North East lies the Coptic Christian Empire of Aqsopia
The first pattern adopted after the defeat of the Italian invaders in WW2

The second simplified pattern adopted for Army aircraft

The Imperial flight marking

When I print them soon the blue lines will disappear!  Just noticed them!

Gentlemen, I have a Flag... I am seeking possible roundels to go with it.  It's heavily based on Mozambique's flag, but the roundel is completely open for concepts.  So, here she is, the flag of the People's Republic of Khodahn.


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