Hogwarts Castle in card with photos

Started by McColm, January 26, 2022, 04:35:47 PM

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I have started building the Wizarding World 428 pieces Hogwarts Castle, the large card  3D puzzle.
It's a lot smaller than the Wrebbit in scale but more towers and buildings  Here's what I have built so far.

The dimensions for the finished build are:15.6 inches high or 39.7cm, 24 inches or 61cm wide, 30.5 inches or 77.5cm long. The packaging says the puzzle can be built in 4  hours, I'm not too sure. Slow and steady.
I kept some of the polystyrene packaging from the computer desk and office chair and will use this as a base. Some pieces will be used to make rocks as the ones provided don't look convincing. Maybe pieces of cork might look better.


I have managed to finish the Great Hall and started working on the base of the Astronomy Tower.,this is what I have completed so far.

I'm thinking of using the Wrebbit Astronomy Tower as a station and adding Hornby/Peco and Super quick kits.

It means taking down a wall or two and adding platforms with a station canopy plus buffer stops.
The Great Hall would make a locomotive shed or stand alone building without the Tower.

I would just remove the rear wall and dismantle the adjacent buildings.

The dismantled parts would be used on the station building development.


The Astronomy Tower side of the 3D puzzle.


I've run out of glue and the build is almost finished, there will be one or two modifications. Like finishing off one of the walls  and adding a satellite dish or TV aerial. A few flags wouldn't go a miss either. There's some gaps that need filling in around the roof, especially on the towers before I join the two halves together with the bridges.

A few novelty items such as the Ford Anglia, Knight bus, or the Durmstrang ship. I'm not too sure about the Beauxbatons' flying carriage.
Dumbledores' telescope is also missing from the kit.Hagdrids'hut and the boat house.


Time Team didn't get their hands on the finished 428 piece Hogwarts Castle. Well the card bit is finished for now. The surrounding area needs to be done and a suitable table found. There's a mat that goes with the puzzle but my Castle doesn't line up on it.


"Mind that bus." "What bus?" *SPLAT!*


The Quidditch Pitch is next, which will be a stadium with towers and then a village scene.