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WhirlyBird to close

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Whirlybird Models made this announcement on FB yesterday. They will leave a gap in the helicopter model market.

2 Exciting pieces of news from Whirlybird!
20th Anniversary Sale
Whirlybird began with the launch of two decal sheets at Telford 2001. Sadly we couldn't be there this year to celebrate our 20 years, so instead we decided to have a Grand Sale as a big thank you to all of our loyal customers and friends.
20% off EVERYTHING in stock!
Here is a link to our sale pricelist (, if it is not on the list, it isn't in stock. Some items are low stock, so be quick with your orders, so you don't miss out.

Retirement announcement
We are sad to announce that Roger has decided to retire.  Various health issues over the last couple of years (for both of us, in fact) have led us to conclude that it is now time to step back. We are greatly indebted to all those who have freely given their time, assistance and knowledge in so many ways over the years thank you so much.
Whirlybird, as you know it, will stop trading on 31st January 2022.  Will will offer our sale pricing until then.
We are looking for a buyer, so if you fancy taking over Whirlybird, please get in contact with us, as we would love to see the range continue to be available.
Roger and Dave Evans
PS: We have one last product announcement to make, so expect another e-mail in the next few days

I spoke to Roger yesterday and placed an order, items are selling fast so if you want anything get your orders in soon.


Shame when a company goes, but at least it's their decision. Hopefully someone will take the range on.

Yes, I'm sure it will carry on in some form (bit too much for me to take on unfortunately). Telford won't be the same without buying something from the Whilybird stand.


I emailed an order to them on Sunday but no reply yet. Is this normal or should I phone up just in case?


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