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Tutorial - How to insert/link images (from Imgur)

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On Steve McColms request: This is supposed to be a step by step tutorial in how to show pics of your favourite kit/pet/car/significant other in the forum threads. While I store my pics on Imgur, and I also show how to collect the image link from there, you should be aware that the parts in the forum will be similar regardless of where you store your pics. If you’re not using imgur, find out how you copy the link from the source of your choice and scroll down to the big RED text in this post. Then go from there.

That said - here goes:

I have set myself up with an Imgur account. In my market, it’s free of charge up to 1000 pics (I think) and that’ll keep me covered for some time at least.
I use the Imgur app on my IPhone, having downloaded it from the AppStore. It’s pretty self explanatory how to set it up and operate it.
Having opened the app, this is how it looks on my phone

I then go to my own account, pressing the icon in the bottom right corner. This is what my account looks like.

Now, I choose the album in which I’ve stored the pic I want. I this case, the Valiant K.1 tanker album. Having clicked on it, I can now see the pics stored in that album.

This time, I want to show the belly pic, no 3 from the top. Hence, I click on it, and it comes up.

Now I want the link to this pic. That’s available if you click on the “share” icon below the pic, and that’ll open a menu from the bottom of the screen, like this

Now, click on “copy link” - and your pic link is now saved!

Now go back to the forum. Open a “new thread” or “reply” dialogue box, and write what you want.

From here, these instructions apply to any image source, be it imgur or anything else

Choose where to place the image, set your text marker there, and click the “img” button, situated top left in the bottom field just above the smileys. It looks like a Mona Lisa painting, if you look at it closely.
Now you should get an image prompt sequence inserted in your text, looking like this:

Place your marker between the two bracketed
“”img” and “/img”, (where it is on the pic above here) and see if you get a black popup menu saying “select : mark all : paste” if not, just tap again on the screen, trying to place the marker as just described once again. Now you should get the black box.
I often have to zoom in a bit to hit properly, but then my fingers are a bit big at the ends. Or I can’t aim properly.. ;)

Select “paste” and heureka - the link is now pasted into your text, between the brackets. Like this:

Now, depending on the size of the pic you’ve just linked, you might want to limit how large it’ll appear here in the forum. That’s not difficult, but it requires some typing.
Let’s say I want to limit to a width of 600 pixels, which usually is a good size for somewhat older screens. Then I go in the first “img”-bracket, and just write “width =600” there, like this:

Be careful to have a space between “img” and “width” but none after “width”.

Now choose “preview” below the text insert field (next to the “post button” and have a look. If you think the pic is too small, increase the value, to 800 or something, and if you think it’s too big, decrease it.

That’s it, really.

I will allow some comments to this, enabling you all to tip me off on improvements, but when I feel we’re good, my suggestion would be to lock this thread and pin it somewhere we easily can find it. For future reference. I’ll contact admin about that once we get there.

Onwards then!

Thanks and this will work on a tablet,  as I don't have a PC or laptop?

This should work on any device. Added to that, I would assume a tablet works very much like a phone, which is what I’ve used.

Thanks for this, it's always helpful to get as manty "how to's" as possible, especially when it comes to posting pictures  :thumbsup:

If this is correct you should be looking at a Airfix Fairey Rotodyne with additional parts .
It works!


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