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TR-29 Wraith (X-29 Recce Thing)

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Alright. Here's the plan for the Recce airplane. The motivation happened that way it was supposed to.... out of the blue, completely random, and when I wasn't looking for it and didn't expect it. I was simply scrolling down the ol' Social Media when I came across this picture taken by Jerry Phillips up in Dayton, OH.

"Hell, there we go! Why not make a dedicated recon bird out of the X-29."  I can call it the R-29 or something. I figure it could be an on-call recon platform attached to the A-10 units in Europe in the 80's.... you know... the stuff that was around to stop 1,000s of Soviet tanks pouring into Western Europe across Germany, etc. So... it'll likely have a Euro-1 paint job and I'll have to find some decals for it after I do my research and figure out what bases are appropriate. Probably wind up buying an A-10 sheet, I suppose, seeing as how the R-29's will be attached to those squadrons.

So anyway... I bought a kit... I already have one but have other plans for it then I was thinking... well, "I need a nose..... " I got to thinking of the Su-25TM nose... with the sensor thing up front then I thought about the RF-5 "Tiger Eye" and it has a really nice, decidely recce looking nose...  then it struck me how perfect that actually is because they're all deriviatives of one another. So... it seems this project was meant to be so I went and bought another Tigereye kit.

Should be a pretty straight-forward conversion... just.... cut the noses off and swap them.. shore 'em in... then that's a wrap and on to paint.

RF-29...  :wub:  :wub: .... in Euro 1 ....  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:  :wub:

Thanks, Moritz! I appreciate the support. Now I know I'm on the right track.  :wub:

"RF-29" indeed! I assume that would be a more plausible designation than "R-29" yeah? I have definitely been wondering about that and even left the thread title vague with this quandary in mind so I can update it later when I figure out what it should be called. I was thinking of the Phantoms, for instance, that were RF-4's but was wondering how USAF would go about naming the 29 if it skipped other roles and went straight into being a photo-bird only. The Phantom was a fighter first, of course, but if my 29 skips that part how would that influence how the Air Force designated it?

Short update.... I'm considering digging out the kits I already have of these so I can get started instead of waiting for the new ones in the mail..... that could be easier said than done, we'll see.  :unsure: ;D

If it's a recon-only aircraft, the designation could be U-29 or TR-29 (tactical reconnaissance).

Excellent idea by the way.


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Excellent idea by the way.

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It is indeed  :thumbsup:


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