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Royal Flight Concorde

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The two Air France special scheme Concordes.

And the singular BA 'special' and my fave Concorde, G-BOAD, the hybrid BA-Singapore aircraft. But I WISH they'd have done the starboard side in the Landor scheme!


--- Quote from: JayBee on May 16, 2021, 11:47:45 am ---In the Real World Concorde was considerred for a Royal flight aircraft, to be seconded from British Airways service.
However this proposal was rejected, Why? Well the doors etc were not wide enough to accomodate the standard Royal Household luggage.
So no Concordes.  :rolleyes:

--- End quote ---

I think the conversation of the Queen's 'large luggage' has occurred before somewhere  ;D

I suppose the 'answer' to that is that we would end up with something like a US Presidential visit. Support aircraft would arrive in advance and deliver the limousines and hat boxes!
Then the Queen would arrive in style in Concorde (accompanied by the Red Arrows where-ever possible for full dramatic effect!  );D

That second Air France scheme is a bit 'WoW'!


--- Quote from: Knightflyer on May 17, 2021, 02:48:54 am ---
That second Air France scheme is a bit 'WoW'!

--- End quote ---

I'm not sure if it ever flew in that scheme, it was the second production test aircraft, and never flew in passenger service.

The Pepsi machine did, obviously, and I have a decal sheet for it too.  ;D

Captain Canada:
Sounds like a great idea. I'd go all in and make her red white and blue. Big Union Jack on the tail. Maybe a bit ahead of it's time or flashy as that, but still noticeable.


--- Quote from: PR19_Kit on May 16, 2021, 11:38:26 am ---Yes, the almost all-white schemes on both BA and Air France Concordes was because they wanted to minimise heat build up on the larger areas of coloured paint with the standard schemes.

There were a few 'specials' done at various times, mostly in Air France aircraft, that had over-all colour schemes, like the famous 'Pepsi' scheme, but they may not have carried out any sustained supersonic flights.

--- End quote ---

According to the almighty internet, the Pepsi bird was temperature limited to 20 minutes flight at Mach 2.02 or Mach 1.7 in sustained flight.



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