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Pretty simple I hope. The kit is 1/3rd of the old "3 Piece Adversary Set."   I've already made one of them about 3 years ago:


This wasn't captured, rather, the designed licensed from the Ferengi and used as a mining vessel (I think that's what it was.... in my mind, the little pincers are for cutting up asteroids or something and the little stripey thing on top can detach to do.... whatever    ...have I mentioned back story is not my strong suit?  ;D).

This BoP will certainly be captured, however, and painted up with glorious Federation colors.... white, lots of blues and some red here and there...   the wing panels will be fun.. I'm going to fetch just about every shade of blue I have to make a sort of... uhh.... mosiac-ey looking type of effect.

Like with the Marauder above, all the effort and time will be wrapped up in the painting of it. There's a grand total of 9 parts and I plan to paint it in a way that hides seams because a lot of it needs to be painted prior to assembly for various reasons so... I won't even be dealing with a lot of PSR so gluing and all that could well take less than 10 minutes. Hell, it may take longer cleaning up the sprue gate remnants than it will be putting it together.  ;D   On that note, the Marauder above was even LESS parts and it took about 3 minutes to build.  ;D  I digress......

More to come soon I hope. After I'm done with the cleaning up of the burrs and stuff from removing the parts from the trees, I'll get right into paint. Might not even prime... the white I will use has primer in it and so long as I clean the plastic up just before I paint it should go down without a hitch.


Ok, this has me interested.

That Ex Ferengi ship came out nice as well

Nice!  :lol:

Great idea, one I was toying with at the beginning, but getting hold of a BoP kit in the UK for a reasonable price is nigh on impossible.

 :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

What the hell is it with Star Trek kits?!?  I guess there's less of them, in general, but I can hop on eBay and find an old Mustang or something for $4 but if I want an old Star Trek kit I better be prepared to pay through the teeth. This is the main reason I haven't been building Star Trek stuff. Every time I go to look at kits I get sticker shock.

THANK YOU ALL FOR THE INTEREST!!!  Starting the painting today after all me chores and stuff.  :lol:


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