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Help? LAV-150 interior colour decision

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Old Wombat:
OK, I've seen photo's of LAV-100/150's with their insides painted OD, white & US AFV Interior (Puke) Green.

I'm currently building a LAV-150 variant which will be very open & I'm torn between either white or puke green.

Anyone have any preferences? :-\

In my view armour just looks better with white interiors.

Old Wombat:
Thanks, Chris! :thumbsup:


Moss (Puke) Green.  All US vehicles I've been in or examined have had Moss Green interiors.   :thumbsup:

White.  Simply because it is the more impractical of the two as it will quickly become grubby shades of grey.  Green is much more practical which is why it will never have been specified by military procurement people.


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