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When did the FAA change it's standard camo scheme of Extra Dark Sea Grey/Dark Slate Grey/Sky to just Extra Dark Sea Grey/Sky?  I'm guessing 1946 but don't know.

Asking for a friend  ;)

The Wooksta!:
I'm sure (well, 75%ish) that it was 1946.  The change between low and high demarcation is about 1948.  I think.

Beginning of 1947, although that wasn't hard and fast. Some may still have had Extra Dark Sea Grey/Dark Slate Grey uppers in 47 to use up some old paint stocks. Eric Brown in one of his books mentions Seafire 47's being painted in the two tone uppers as late as 1947.

Thanks chaps.

The move from low to high demarcation seems easier to determine than the dropping of Dark Slate Grey.  Not aware of Seafire 47s in the three-colour scheme, 46s in two- and three-colours schemes yes.
My Sea Fury sources hint at 1947 for the camo scheme change but it could have been sooner.  Firebrand colour changes are inconclusive, will check out Fireflies.

At some stage Firebrands were in overall Midnight Blue. The very last one in the FAA, serving as a 'mascot' for the Southern Air Wing RNVR, was at RAF Benson when I lived there in the 50s, and it was in that Midnight Blue scheme.

The RNVR(A) was disbanded in 1957 and they towed the Firebrand up the hill to their HQ building with a Land Rover!


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