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RN Buccaneer radome Humbrol Paint #

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I need the Humbrol number for the RN Buccaneer radome.  I've tried googling it with no result. 

I remember, in my youth, building the Airfix kit with a hinged radome, but that was over 15 years, one marriage, and about a dozen addresses ago ...

Anyone know what that gold/brass/bronze colour is supposed to be? 


Isn't it called Radome Tan ?


This might help

if it's any help, I built an anti-flash white Skyhawk with the same unpainted radome. What I did was put a coat of clear gloss over the unpainted resin (Freightdog) radome and then painted it in lengthways strokes with Hu.148 Radome Tan which streaked 'authentically' due to the gloss. The band around the back was Hu.98 Chocolate. It looks messy in the pic because of the magnification, but seen at normal distance it's fine.

From here:

Radome painted:

And for reference:

From here:

Humbrol's Hemp (168) is also a good alternative for radomes, it's more greyish and subdued than 148.


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