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EE Lightning

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Typical bloody pen pushing paper shuffling morons...

between us, how many Arrows have we got?

Maybe we should have an Arrow section on the site - it would look sharp...................sorry, that really was a bad attempt at humour

Well I've got one Arrow built and one waiting to be built.

A friend has been cheking the PRO again, and has found a reference for a request by No 111 Sqn.  When they got the Lightning, they asked for permission to form a three ship display team, the Black Arrows (continuing from their hunter days)  but the miseries at the Ministry said no.

He's also done a Lightning with a Red Beard slung underneath and wing tip tanks.  Looks wicked!

I've got four completed plue three on the go and one to go (ta Thorvic), and Magus has one completed, plus one completed in 1/48th with a small Blue Steel underneath.

God only knows how many Toad, Alvis and CFWOL have put together, but it must be about three squadrons worth.


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