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Shark's or Tiger's Mouth Markings

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A few I've found

Couldn't go without showing A-10's!  A good chance to get the experimental Peanut scheme in too.

Dassault Ouragan, Israeli Air Force

Sukhoi Su-7, The Thunderbirds display team, Indian Air Force

Mil Mi-14 Polish Air Force

Yamaha R6

How about the two TSRs from Operation Telic I profiled awhile back?

there are very few known examples of Finnish aircraft with 'sharkmouth' type markings ...

Ian the Kiwi Herder:
I had a book compiled by Robert F. Dorr (published by Motorbooks Intl. if I recall correctly), I think the title was simply 'Shark's Teeth Nose-Art'. Whilst I cannot post any pics from here in work, here's a few to continue the fun:

M-46 & M-24 tanks of the 6th Armd Bttn, Korea winter 1951...... trust me, I have an M-46 in the stash and fully intend to build/paint it in those markings !!

WWI German ground-attack aircraft, I cannot recall its' name, but Airfix had it as a series 1 kit (in a plastic bag !!) about a thousand years ago.

P-40's of course in all their varying marks - I personally like the 'N' with the HUGE parrots head on it - I've got one built and will post it here tomorrow, together with a 112 Sqn 'E'.

Bf110C's of ZG76.

Lavochkin La5FN with a mawl that covers the ENTIRE cowling.

P-51B/Mustang III of 112 Squadron, in fact you can add the Venom, Sabre F4 and Hunter F6 to that particular squadron.

23rd AVG P-51B's & C's (another of my builds)

Operation Telic Tornado's and Buccaneer's

Corsair II's VA-93 Blue Blazers, Ubon based A-7D's in 1972, 23rd TFW, post Vietnam.

EC-47 with extended nose (no I didn't mean AC-47 !)

EB-66 Destroyer & EKA-3 Skywarrior

VF-111 F-4B's & N's, Numerous USAF F-4E's and G's and a couple of RF-4C's - don't forget VF-111's F-14's too in high and low vis.

Ryan Firebee drone's

Australian Spitfire XIII's

Polish (?) Su22M's

US Army UH-1C gunship's

French F-100's

I could go on, and on, and on, and on.... well you get the picture, hopefully folks will pick-up the thread and add photo's when they can, I know I will ! - let's see if we can get more replies/pics than the 'Russian' thread  :thumbsup:


I've had this book for a couple of decades. Has anyone else seen it?

book by [url=


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