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Supertom: Comrade Anatoly, your new Group Build Commisar.  There are so many group build ideas now that we're having trouble keeping track of them all, and worse yet, organizing them so that we can get your ideas out there and participating.  So he'll be the go-to guy from now on regarding group builds.

Da, comrades!  I have been given this position to lord it over all of GB-dom!!


Oh, sorry...

Ahem...  I have been given this position to help facilitate the running of GB's, from keeping track of ideas to their scheduling to, um, etc.

If you've got a GB idea that I've forgotten to include on the calender, or have more info for one of the proposed ones (moderator being captured, er, persuaded, preferred time frame, etc), please PM me, and I'll get the info on the calender.

I've also been given command... (I've got delusions of grandeur, don't I?)... oversight of the Knacker's Yard as well.  I'll be closing old GB's that have either run their course or haven't had a post in over a year.  Yes, this means I'll be closing the beloved by all Soviet Carrier Ops GB, but, comrades, it sailed into history long ago...

One thing we're going to start doing (after we get the next two GB's going, since they've been planned for a while) is going to a Polling system to determine what GB we're going to have next.  There's been some GB's sitting on the calender for a while that probably need revisiting to see if they can't be worked into the schedule.

We're also going to begin shortening GB's to no more than three or four months for the build phase, because the participation seems to be the same whether the GB is short or long.

Also, with the shortening of them, it will in theory allow us to get to other GB's quicker, so if one doesn't suit you, you won't have to wait too long for another to begin.

Like I said, if you've got a Group Build concern/idea/what-have-you, PM me.

Commisar Anatoly Iosef Pakizorich, People's Speculative Themed Group Build Bureau

If I only I had known 10 minutes ago comrade, I would have put vodka on my shredded wheat instead of milk, as a celebration of your service to the motherland!

Brian da Basher:
Congratulations Commisar Anatoly! I know you will serve the Mother-whiff well!

Brian da Basher

Since you're now in the role, may I ask that we have a calendar (beyond just the next 5 days) or similar developed (as a thread if need be) so that all the upcoming GBs may be easily seen and that one can see not only wha't coming up but also when there isn't anything yet booked in - I have a few GB suggestions but don't want to crowd things too much.  Also, whilst on that topic, how about a single thread for new GB suggestions?




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