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Ok, another entry....hopefully a quick one.... :banghead:

This is the start. A 1/200 XB-35 and a left-over 1/72 Vampire ( Revell boxing):
IMG_20180904_143304649 by Buddy Holly, on Flickr

Then the vampires fuselage was cut to accept the wings and engines were cut from a Matchbox Meteor-without-canopy. Yes, it's going to be a two seater....
IMG_20180906_112547091 by Buddy Holly, on Flickr

Then after some cutting, gluing and first PSR-ing this imitation of Gonzo was created.
IMG_20180906_224739616 by Buddy Holly, on Flickr
IMG_20180906_224750168 by Buddy Holly, on Flickr
IMG_20180906_224806899 by Buddy Holly, on Flickr

The putty over the radome will be sanded smooth to fit the nose cone, the vampire's gunbay will be put in it's original place, fairing behind the canopy will be made and last but not least: the wings will be cut to accept the engines a la Armstong Whitworth's AW 52 prototype. Lots to do!

Enjoy your modelling!
David aka 63cpe


Interesting.  I was hoping for propellers but jets are OK too.  A very long wingspan though.   :thumbsup:

You make it look so easy.

From the first photo with the glass in shadow, I thought you had it on floats!!!


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