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One week Group Build - GET VOTING!!

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Go to the finished builds threat (,40252.0.html) to vote.

In the event of a tie there not be a build-off, there will have to be a coalition.  So vote wisely.

And apologies for the random voting time, the computer made me do it!

Voting is underway, two builds are pulling away from the rest of the field.

But which two?

Well the two big scorers (let's call them Conservative and Labour) are still in front but Labour are closing in).  The next two (should we call thel Lib Dems, the SNP and UKIP, say) are close on votes but some way behind.  Then the fringe parties pick up the rear.

Will it go to a second ballot?  No 'cos in the UK it's first past the post not proportial representation.

Conservatives have moved further ahead of Labour, but UKIP have overtaken the Lib Dems and are lying third!  :o

Come on, get your votes in - you know it makes sense!!

Conservatives still ahead but Labour have put some distance between them and UKIP.


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