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Here's my one week entries. As with any of my builds, they're always overambitious, and what I have is...

A Saab SK-37S of the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF). Yes! Singapore, with its fierce independence and love of ABBA in the 70's, went with the independent route and purchased the Saab Viggens from the Swedes. With relationships being better with the US than most other nations in the region, they were able to get away with the getting the Volvo RM8 engines without any objection from Pratt & Whitney. A proposal for A-4s were floated to Singapore but they wanted something with a little more oomph, and Sweden's use of the Viggen mirrored Singapore's needs perfectly (the sting US to US military imports were lessened by Singapore's purchase of brand new F-20s as well).

What I have here is the trainer SK-37, as an alternative to their really cool TA-4S. So, similar paint scheme, drop tanks, etc. The Matchbox kit is a simple one, and I'm resisting the urge to scratchbuild a cockpit, etc.

What's that you say? Doesn't sound overambitious? That's because I'm not building one, but TWO whatifs for my One Week build, this time with modifications! Not only did Singapore buy the F-5, eventually they bought the F-20 to replace the F-5!

Construction started off with painting the erm...cockpit....

While that was drying off I worked on the F-20 as well. The rear mechanism was pretty cool until I realized that it was meant for an open I lowered it to make the rear deck look busy but unfortunately it still didn't fit, so off it went...

Basic assembly is done, canopies placed, masked and ready for paint...

As the Viggen's paint scheme is more complex, I started off with that. Somehow it doesn't seem quite right. Maybe the lighter shade of green is too light?

Looks Pretty good Tom from here,  :thumbsup:

Martin H:
hmm that scheme realy suits the Viggen

Glenn Gilbertson:
The colours look good to me - I always thought that the US greens in the SE Asia scheme were too close in shade.


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