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1:87 cargo sail ship

Started by Vorcha, November 13, 2022, 09:53:59 AM

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Hi, my contribution to this group build will be (hopefully) the sail ship I just began scratch-building out of cardboard - I'm building it by hand and without blueprints (though I do have collected some drawings and blueprints as inspiration), like in the old days...

I also have a draft for a backstory, here it is:

- constructed 1686 in Wismar, then a Swedish fiefdom on the territory of the "Holy Roman Empire" of the german lands, for a swedish merchant as the "Vit Kran" ("White Crane"). That merchant got bankrupt one day after finally receiving the ship and had to sell it immediately to a collegue from the Netherlands, who renamed it "Kraan van Alkmaar". It soon bacame apparent that the ship was cursed, it was again sold, this time to a unsuspecting frenchman, who renamed it to "La Grue de Crozet". That name seemed to bring luck, but on the first voyage to the carribean the same year it was abandoned off the coast of Madeira... In that incident all of the crew reportedly boarded the boats and left, except the captain, who was left on board the drifting vessel... The ship then disappeared for 9 years, until it was washed ashore on Scrub Island, Anguilla. To their astonishment the authorities found it to be still intact and the captain alive, but in a coma in his room. They towed it to the main island, where it stayed anchored and eventually beached for 3 years. The captain did wake up in the hospital, but was unable to move or talk, just staring at the ceiling completely unresponsive, but trembling and sweating, as if in deep shock.

Fast forward: Pirate ship based on the islands of San Serrife (which lies *somewhere* in the carribbean and not the indian ocean) under the name "Furyan Crane".

I'll post pictures as soon as there is progress :lol:
paper boy