Fokker T X (geschakeld)

Started by 63cpe, January 30, 2022, 01:50:30 PM

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And another brainfart.... As I bought too much Fokker D-21's (in the same batch as the 18x Boeing p-12's) I can handle, I started thinking.

Maybe do a Zveno (coupled) with 3x D-21's. This requires a 4 engined carrierplane...Oh, this needs to be a Fokker-ish kinda design as well. I took a close look at the Fokker T V bomber and the four engined Fokker XXXVI. This got me figuring about a sectioned B-24 (cut in length and take out 1 cm in height, glue it all back again.
Than you'll end up with this:

IMG_20220123_220419020 by Buddy Holly, on Flickr

Given the Fokker XXXVI and T V 4x Wright cyclones seemed to be "the norm" together with a B-17 kinda wing (thick chord and planform). Ah, presto: got one from a derelict Airfix B-17. Only need to take the engines off.
The modeller who build it originally managed to glue the props fixed and the nacelles incorrect on the seats. wings are also misaligned so some heavy PSR is needed to correct it all. Besides I think the engines need to get closer to the leading edge. So, off go the engines!

IMG_20220123_220440804 by Buddy Holly, on Flickr

While working on the engines I think they're a little too big in diameter for passable R1820's. Mmm..not sure what to do about this (there are plenty Dakota nacelles in the parts bin)
I plan to put the wings about half way on the fuselage. I tried them low on the fuselage, but this gives it a Wellington-kinda look. Half way on the fuselage also lowers the angle of the fuselage to the ground and comes in handy for loading the D-21 on cradles on it's wings. It'll be a taildragger.

Meanwhile a rummage in the canopies bin was started to source a suiteable canopy and nosecone (I don't like the flat nose of the T V). Given the role as carrier plane, no turret seems to be necessary. So I think a more streamlined nosecone was found. A Siebel S-204 A nosecone was separated from the canopy (it's a one piece affair in the Smer kit). Nosecone fits pretty good on the forward fuselage it's got at the moment. The canopy sets the pilot more forward than the B-24 and that's OK as most big Fokker designs had the cockpit close to the extreme nose.

Also found a glass cone of an FW-189 to serve as  tail gunner position. The side gunners positions will be opened as is a belly gun position (just an opening hatch).

Also plan to use (restyled) early Halifax tailplanes.

Anyway, it isn't finished yet...

David aka 63cpe


I think what mental twisted idea of a plane your building here is nuts mate..so in other words beautiful idea Dave  :thumbsup:
The moment I started to read this you had my interest   ;D
You could cheat with the engine nacelles and just the Wright ones and mod em sligthly but the C47 used the same engines as the B17 so either way your good to go bud  ;)
This is gonna be straight up cool .
If it aint broke ,,fix it until it is .
Over kill is often very understated .
I know the voices in my head ain't real but they do come up with some great ideas.
Theres few of lifes problems that can't be solved with the proper application of a high explosive projectile .


Oh I do like the idea of this and admire your abilities to think "outside the box"  :thumbsup:
Decals my @r$e!