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Thanks folks!  We'll see if I have time to add all that today; if not, I am off next week so will definitely be working on this.

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Found some more at the Tulsa Internat'l Airport  (ANG Base) in Oklahoma:

Also, in Oklahoma City:   "Oklahoma City:  45th Infantry Division Museum -Thunderbird Park - A-7, F-80, F-86L, L-17, L-19, OH-13, OH-23C, OH-58, U-3, U-6A(L-20), UH-1"

There are about a dozen more photos here:

Further, that website there seems to have data on tons of this stuff.
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Quote11 F-111Cs were retained as heritage assets. Five will be placed on display at RAAF bases.

    A8-125, RAAF Museum
    A8-126, Aviation Heritage Centre, RAAF Base Amberley
    A8-132, RAAF Base Edinburgh
    A8-138, RAAF Base Amberley, to become a gate guard
    A8-142, RAAF Base Wagga

On 4 October 2012, six more cosmetically restored and repainted aircraft were unveiled at RAAF Base Amberley for display at private aviation museums.[93] Ownership is retained by the Australian government and aircraft undergo continual maintenance and non-destructive testing. They were loaned to:

    Australian Aviation Heritage Centre Northern Territory Darwin, Northern Territory[94]
    Evans Head Memorial Aerodrome Heritage Aviation Association, Evans Head, New South Wales
    A8-148 – Fighter World, RAAF Base Williamtown.[95]
    A8-109 - Historical Aircraft Restoration Society, Illawarra Regional Airport
    Queensland Air Museum, Caloundra Airport
    South Australian Aviation Museum

QuoteCanberra WJ680 (Royal Air Force) is on display at the Temora Aviation Museum in New South Wales. It was acquired in 2001 and the aircraft was fully restored to airworthiness and painted to represent the Canberras flown by No. 2 Squadron RAAF during the Vietnam war. It is Australia's only airworthy Canberra.[147]
    Mk.20 Canberra A84-225 is on static display at Queensland Aviation Museum, Caloundra Airport, Queensland.[148]
    The South Australian Aviation Museum at Port Adelaide has a non-flying Canberra B2, WK165 [149]
    Two Canberras are on static display by the Cunningham Highway south of Amberley, Queensland.[150][151]
    A Canberra bomber is on display at the entrance to RAAF Base Wagga, New South Wales.[152]
    Canberra A84-241 is on display at Woomera Missile Park, Woomera, South Australia.[153][154]
    Canberra A84-307 is on display at the National Vietnam Veterans Museum, Phillip Island, Victoria[155]
    Canberra A84-226 is under restoration at the Australian National Aviation Museum in Moorabbin, Victoria. It was previously on display at RAAF Base Wagga.[156][157]

    CA-27 Mk.32

    A94-983 Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) - restored to flying condition (registered VH-PCM) in the 1980s and grounded in the 1990s; loaned to the Temora Aviation Museum, Temora, New South Wales, where it was again restored to airworthy condition; displayed regularly (registered VH-IPN) since September 2009.[1]
    A94-352 - Latrobe Flying Museum Restored and owned by former squadron leader Jeff Trappett, using parts from A94-907 which he also owns. A94-352 had its second test flight 05/10/2013, he also owns CAC CA-18 Mustang Mk.21 A68-118 VH-AGJ[2]

On display


    A94-101 - RAAF Museum, RAAF Base Williams, Point Cook, Victoria; CAC Sabre prototype, first aircraft to fly faster than the speed of sound in Australia.[3]

    CA-27 Mk.31

    A94-901 - Historical Aircraft Restoration Society, Illawarra Regional Airport, New South Wales; first production CAC Sabre.[4]
    A94-915 - Narromine Aviation Museum, Narromine Airport, New South Wales.[5]
    A94-935 - Queensland Air Museum, Caloundra, Queensland.[6]

    CA-27 Mk.32

    A94-944 - RAAF Museum, RAAF Base Williams, Point Cook, Victoria.[citation needed]
    A94-959 - Fighter World, RAAF Base Williamtown.
    A94-974 - Classic Jets Fighter Museum, Parafield Airport, South Australia.[7]
    A94-982 - RAAF Museum, RAAF Base Wagga, Forest Hill, New South Wales.[citation needed]
    A94-989 - Australian National Aviation Museum, Moorabbin Airport, Victoria.[8]

Stored or under restoration

    CA-27 Mk.32

    A94-970 - Australian War Memorial in storage at RAAF Williams, Point Cook, Victoria.[citation needed]
    F-86L-60 NA 53-4036 - Cockpit and nose under restoration at Derelict Aircraft Museum, Launching Place, Victoria.

QuoteThree Boomerangs remain airworthy today, all in Australia:

    A46-122 CA-13 "Suzy Q" (VH-MHR) with the Temora Aviation Museum
    A46-206 CA-19 "Milingimbi Ghost" which was formerly with Lynette Zuccoli at Toowoomba until donated to the Museum of Australian Army Flying at the Army Aviation base located at the nearby town of Oakey is now on static display.
    A46-63 a CA-12 from 1943 first flew again on 26 June 2009 as VH-XBL. The restoration includes the provision of a passenger seat.

Several others are under restoration to fly in both Australia and the USA, which includes A46-90 currently being restored to airworthy status.[24][25]

A46-30, which has been restored but is not airworthy, is part of an exhibition at the Australian War Memorial.[26]

A full-scale airworthy replica with many original parts, painted as A46-139, was based in the United States (N32CS) for some years but was recently sold to the Netherlands. It is now in flying condition and based at Antwerp International Airport.[27][28]

QuoteThe CAC Wirraway (originally NA-16-2K) was first modified to British standards and equipment, then later models diverged further from the NA-16 in minor details such as the fitting of dive brakes etc.
    The sole surviving CA-1 Wirraway is A20-10, the 8th production Wirraway, effectively a licence built NA-16-2K, and held at the Australian National Aviation Museum.[11]
    A total of 10 are on the Australian civil aircraft register.[12]
    Further museum examples (in Australia unless noted) are at Temora Aviation Museum, Australian National Aviation Museum, Aviation Heritage Museum, Museum of Victoria, Queensland Air Museum, RAAF Museum (Stored) and the Fantasy of Flight (Florida - stored).
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Quote from: Flyer on October 19, 2016, 03:24:49 AM
...the Australian National Aviation Museum at Moorabin airport:

Was there today.  It was pishing down so didn't get a chance to have a look at the outdoors stuff (although most of them would be best photographed from over the fence).
However, you drive in past a DC3, Bristol Freighter, Viscount, Wessex (looking sad with no rotors), Gannet, Meteor and Sabre.

I will return at a later date when the heavens have closed again.

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Another ill conceived, lazily thought out, crudely executed and badly painted piece of half arsed what-if modelling muppetry from zenrat industries.

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Also in the Czech Republic are a couple of restaurants built out of decommisioned airliners.

Jet Restaurant in Chvalovice is a former Czechoslovak Airlines Ilyushin Il-62:  48.764251, 16.065326

Air Kofola on the highway near Bakov nad Jizerou is a forner Czechoslovak Airlines Ilyushin Il-18: 50.465507, 14.942218

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I admire your work, it's going to be a looooong road ahead! In Toronto, there is a CF-5 displayed at 43.751410, -79.467371
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In Smiths Falls, Ontario, there is a Yale on a pole at 44.896016, -76.023430  I may have a picture of it somewhere in my files.
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Oshawa, Ontario, CF-86 at 43.917050, -78.893932

Malton, Ontario, CF-100 at 43.711391, -79.632949

Haliburton, Ontario, CF-100 at 45.042650, -78.521375

Cornwall, Ontario, T-33 at 45.012970, -74.732516 There is a second one in Cornwall, but I can't find it on Google Earth.
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Alongside Interstate 90, south of Erie, Pennsylvania, there is an F-94C at 45.012970, -74.732516
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I will get to work on those this weekend, thanks!  I know there are a lot to add.  I think I am getting close to having all of the museums; gate guards and air parks will be the next phase, and a big one.  I especially appreciate the precise locations; saves me time tracking them down.

TheChronicOne, I found another in OK: Stafford Air Museum.


VL Viima "VI-1" preserved at the site of the former Valtion Lentokonetehdas factory in Tampere, Finland.

61°28'20.7"N 23°43'34.0"E

It was recently moved to the other side of the street, with new 1941 colours and insignia, due to extensive construction work in the area. Google Maps isn't nearly that up to date.

Wikipedia image, as it was until the recent move and repaint:


Folland Gnat F.1 erected as a monument at the garrison/Air Force base near Rovaniemi, Finland.

66°33'21.2"N 25°47'30.0"E

The Rat

Okay, found the second T-33 in Cornwall: 45.026724, -74.682036
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RAF Alconbury has a plastic F-5 as a gate guard. On Ermine Street next to the Grace Fellowship church.

RAF Lakenheath has an F-100 inside the gate on the Brandon Road, across from Starbucks. Go east along that road and see what's written on the roof....
RAF Croughton, Northants, has an F-105G and F-100D by the guard house.

At Beck Row there is a privately owned Hawker Hunter. Look for Suffolk Caravan Accessories and Pine Farm Kennels, halfway between Mildenhall and Lakenheath.

RAF North Weald has a plastic Hurricane as a gate guardian by the control tower.

RAF Leconfield is supposed to have a Meteor T.7 at the gate.

Wattisham Army Base have a Gazelle at the gate on Roman Road. There is now a Museum on the site with a Phantom, Hunter, Lightning cockpit, Westland Scout and a Lynx.

Portland Marina and Boatyard near Weymouth has a Lynx on display near Portland Yacht Club. The whole site was formerly HMS Osprey.


Google Imaging 'RAF gate guardians' comes up with well over 200 pics of allsorts of stuff, some on poles, some on wheels, one or two perched on roofs even! I could be typing for some time................
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