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My stash just grew again (2015)

Started by Army of One, December 31, 2014, 03:44:26 PM

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On 2015's finish line: a Condor 1:72 MiG-21-93. Yes, it's a crappy kit, you can make something from it. Whif fodder. What else? ;D


All in 1/72
Hasegawa E008:600 Kawanishi type-94-1/Alf float plane/sea plane and catapult.
Instructions in Japanese for the catapult but no instructions for the aircraft model.

2 x Revell 00026 Torpedo Boat PT167.
Will build one straight from the box whilst the other is used for kitbashing.

Hobby Craft S2F-1 Tracker

ESCI/ERTL Mil MI-24 Hind-D, possible maritime version in Royal Navy service.


Just arrived from JAYS Models in New Zealand, the three Falcon 1/72 Martin Baker MB5's I had ordered.
If I'm not building models, I'm out riding my dirtbike


Airfix A-4 Skyhawk starter kit, coz it was reduced in the toy store i wandered into. :thumbsup:

(that's what happens when she loses me in TK MaXX. ;D)

And tonight, finally ordered myself the 1/72 CASA CN235 resin kit from Scratchaviation. :wub: Price was reduced to Euro 37.27.

(due to be delivered in march.)

Cheers... Ray

Chris Payne

Had a little trip over to Halifax Modellers World again today and picked up another couple of kits.

Airfix 1/48 E.E. Lightning F.1/F.1A/F.2/F.3
Revell 1/48 Panavia Tornado GR.4  :tornado:

2014 EKFP Total = 8
2015 EKFP Total = 6
2016 EKFP Total = 2
2017 EKFP Total = 7
2018 EKFP Total = 3


Strange one for me, but what the heck.

Saw it in one of the local stores - 1/35 Hobby Boss St Chammond Heavy Tank - Early
Decals my @r$e!


Final one for 2015 another Airfix Sea King HC.4 this time off eBay
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Aldi are selling Airfix starter kits for £4.99. I grabbed the Red Arrows Gnat and the North American Mustang IV.  :thumbsup:

(The other kits are the Cromwell tank, Tomahawk, Spitfire Mk.1 and Hurricane. They had the same deal last year and the year before so I wonder if these were in storage since then?)