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Bendy trailers

Started by McColm, March 13, 2014, 12:53:17 PM

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I think you'll find is it's by what the tires are rated for which govern what can be carried, a regular two axle trailer with eight tires is good for 40 tons, then we have trailers which have eight tires where one axle would be.  Then we have extra wide trailers (10'-0" or 12'-0") which have sixteen tires where one axle would be, times that by three or four rows things start to mount up.  Plus if you haul in the winter when the ground is frozen, the weight you can carry goes up (done a number of equipment designs which got loaded on really huge trailers).  from there you can then add boosters with even more tires.
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edit: for those extra-wide trailers with 2 axles of 4 wheels each side-by-side, the rules will be different (but by then you're in needs-a-permit-for-every-move territory anyway). Normally (in Europe at least) a max. load is specced per axle (iirc 10 tons in the Netherlands, 8 tons in the rest of Europe).

And if you look at the specs of heavy haulage trailers, their load specs depend on the speed as well.


In the spring there's a road ban as the ground thaws out, then nothing really heavy can be carried except the usual regular trailers carry on as usual.
If I'm not building models, I'm out riding my dirtbike


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