Thunder Over Utah airshow

Started by philp, March 18, 2012, 11:17:32 AM

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Went to the first day of this yesterday down in St. George, Utah.  The weather was threatening all day but the rain didn't show and the wind died down enough for the flying to go on.

They had a pretty good crowd and I had to park about as far from the show as possible and still be on the airport property.  For that reason, and the 4 hour drive home, I ducked out before the Blue Angels performed but sounds like they did a good show (see news artilcle link at the bottom).

The F-22 Demo wowed the crowd and I was very impressed with the Osprey's performance. Seeing it do a high speed pass and roll out like any other aircraft was very cool and it's control in the hover mode showed both ends of it's capabilities.

The WWII reenactment was interesting.  The .50 cal on the Hellcat sounded more like a canon going off.  The Germans won the first round but think the Yanks got them back in the afternoon.

Also a decent car show (especially if you like Corvettes).  I took a few pics but didn't get even half of what was there.

All in all not too bad for a first show (the airport has only been open for just over a year) so hopefully they will have more in the future.


Phil Peterson

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