My Stash Just Grew Again (2011)

Started by Maverick, December 31, 2010, 03:08:37 PM

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Martin H

Via Ebay, and it arrived under 24 hours after purchase.

Italeri Aeritalia G-222/C-27A.
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From Spruebrothers a 1/72nd Cyberhobby Sea Vixen FAW1 which Daryl point ed out was in their sale last weekend !!

Less than a week from the US to UK in Christmas Week and the cost was way cheaper than the list price here even with the postage  :thumbsup:
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From the only shop in town which stocks models

1 x 1/76 Airfix Saracen A.P.C.

Not my normal scale nor what I usualy build. Has anyone done one in Sweedish Splinter ?

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I know it's in a book I have around here somewhere....


From the Modelzone sale in the Trafford Centre:

All Revell, all 1/72nd:

F9F-4/5 Panther ('cos I want the Blue Angels Decals)
Beaufighter TF.X ('cos I want the engines)
Norseman (for the spare skis/floats)
Do.28 Skyservant (several projects and only one in the stash)

Also: Pegasus 1/72nd ISU-122/152 Assault gun twin-pack. (To make PW armour, and for the DShKs)

Couple of points for folk visiting the Manchester Modelzones:

1. The City Centre branch and the Trafford Centre branch have very different sale stock. For instance, there are NO F-89 Scopions at the Trafford Centre one but there are loads at Deansgate.

2. A lot of the stuff in the Trafford Centre branch is price ticketed wrongly, at prices higher than the ones shown on the website. However they do come up correctly when they scan them, so CHALLENGE THE PRICE if it seems wrong. For instance, the Grumman Panthers are ticketed up at £5.99, but they're actually £3.99.
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Went to Chestermoor with a friend this morning and got a 1/35 MiniArt Mercedes-Benz Type 170V Personenwagen, looks a cracking kit plus you get their WWII German Civilians with it which includes two female and one male civilian, one Polizei and one Hitler Youth figure. My friend the other day got the Italeri boxing of the 1/48 Academy Hunter and he kindly gave me the Dutch, Indian and Singaporean transfers from it so now I'm thinking should I do the A400m Indian instead of RAE....hmm........ ;D
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Just been on ebay and had to search a bit for a 1/72 Heller and 1/72 Airfix Super Constellations. One to be modelled as a long range maritime patrol aircraft with an internal weapons bay, M.A.D. boom whilst the other gets T-56 turboprops make over.

Howard of Effingham

from ian allan in birmingham city center...

1/72 RoG NFH90 (to be wiffed into FAA markings )

and  from mr models,

1\24 RoG london taxi
1/35 dragon desert rats
1/35 dragon US 82nd airborne

i also have a RoG A400M grizzly to pickup after christmas. its huge! mine will get RAF wrap around dark green and grey, but i did flirt
with the idea of the original RAF scheme of dark earth, tan and black.  :rolleyes:
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Not a model, although I know I've got one of those coming, but bench equipment that every modeller, especially wiffers, should have on thier bench. A bloody great big party pack of the god's own snack TWIGLETS!!!!!!!!
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Captain Canada

The Airfix Arado 196. An old dog of a kit, but I love $8 models ! Just wanted something to slap together over the holidays. Prob gonna be in standard camo w/ yellow trim, but as a captured example operated by the RCAF.

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Trumpeter 32nd F-105 Wild Weasel  :wacko:and Airfix's new Sea Vixen :wub:

Green Dragon

No kits for Christmas but I did spend most of December buying over 40 kits to make up for it! Also have a supply of Twiglets plus a few new books to read and DVD's to watch.

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On the bench.
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No wonder I had trouble finding the kits I wanted, happy new year. :thumbsup:


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Quote from: Radish on December 26, 2011, 03:32:06 AM
Water pistols for whiffing.... ;)

Into what??  Pan galactic gargleblasters????

Now back to topic - Latest addition 1/48th Arado AR234 nightfighter. Sweet looking kit.
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Steel Penguin

from my lovely wife yesterday, an Ainsty resin Man o War, for wargaming.
and from a pair of good frinds today, the Games Worksop "eternal champion" set figs, they will be painted up carefully and possibly mixed into a 7TV cast.
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