Red Lightning

Started by Shasper, August 12, 2009, 06:38:27 AM

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This is the 2nd Tam Lightning I started for this year's 1WGB but didnt finish in time:

I call it the Shenyang J-6II "Flakbait", a Chinese reversed-engineered copy of the brit EE Lightning that had crashed relatively intact during the mid-60's (ties in with the other Lightning I recently built). A limited number of these were produced during the 70's before development switched to the J-8 "Finback"

A handful of these aircraft were exported to North Korea & Ceylon (seen here) after being retired from PLAAF service. Normal armament consists of either 2 23mm cannons or 2 PL-2 IR guided AAMs fuselage mounted & 2 PL-3 AAMs (copy of the Red Top) slung under the wings. The Ceylonese "Flakbaits" saw limited action during the 2nd Indo-Pakistan war & were replaced in the early 80's by the modified MiG-21MK "Longhorn"

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Nice!!!   :thumbsup:

Glad to see you're still getting use out of that sheet I sent you   ;D
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Productive Comrad strikes again!
Take Care, Stay Cool & Remember to "Check-6"
- Bud S.

Captain Canada

Nice work, Ves ! I like the missile armament you've chosen on both of them....and the funky camo !

CANADA KICKS arse !!!!

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